Communication Skills

Part 1: Foundations

Did you know that good communication starts with a strong foundation of self-worth and compassion for self and others? Build this mindset and other skills to improve communication and self-confidence.
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Part 2: Needing Ourselves and Others

Add communication tools to your toolbox by learning about and applying the principles of core needs, expectations, and the importance of using compassion in your interactions.
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Part 3: Creating a Calm Space

Mindfulness, Meditation, and a Growth Mindset are life-changing skills. In today's world we all need these skills to influence a calm space in our mind and environment. 
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Part 4: Why Think Before You Speak

Do you know how your views, self-regulation and words affect your interactions? Learn "Mutual Mentoring' and other skills while viewing situations through your own and other people's perspectives. 
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Part 5: Six Senses Listening

Become the type of listener people long for! Learn how to avoid common pitfalls, and hone your six senses of listening, such as reflective, context, empathetic listening, and more.
Coming Summer of 2023