Included in Your Courses...

All course materials are online- for easy access and reading

Learn anywhere there is internet- at home, on lunch break, on the road, whatever works for you.

Self-paced study that fits your own schedule. 

Materials that are relevant to you and your challenges.

Principles that you can use in any relationship- with a family member, co-worker, neighbor, or store clerk.

Science-based information you can trust, in courses and free resources. 

Methods to help you apply and retain what you learn.

Unlimited opportunities to make your story one of positivity, strength, and triumph!

Engaging and interactive activities to help you retain the principles you learn, such as:

  • Positive Journaling
  • Pondering
  • 'Challenge' exercises
  • Engaging Family Members
  • Practice Scenarios
  • SMARTEST Goals
  • Self-reflection

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At Family Wholeness You Belong!

Every person has intrinsic value.

These Communication courses build on this principle to help you and your family members reconnect. As you learn and practice skills to enhance your relationships you will find greater joy and connection.