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Family sitting on the floor laughing

30 Easy Ideas to Show Love

Here's some fun easy ways to spend quality time with your family members and show them how much you appreciate and love them. This list is just the starting point to get the creative juices flowing of how your family can spend time together making memories that will last a lifetime.
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image of teen boy asking girl on a date with flowers in his hand behind him

Dating in Today's Society

In a lot of ways dating has become confusing and ambiguous when compared to how dating was done even a couple decades ago. Even the definition of 'hooking up' among young adults and teens can mean different things depending on the situation.
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Children carrying sticks in a field of flowers

These Kids Have Grit!

It is so important for our children to feel as though they can "Do Hard Things"! As they experience different situations and gain problem solving skills they learn that they are capable of working through challenges in life.
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